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I've been to Budapest for more than 20 years.
I visited her for the first time in 1996. The city has since experienced its ups and downs. In the last few years, however, it is rapidly evolving into a modern, frequent and well-visited metropolis. During my last trip, I spent my free time devoting myself to the last corner of the city center, which I had not explored in detail - the former Jewish part.

The former quarter is located between Kiraly street and Dohany street. A decade ago she was known as a rather dangerous and neglected piece and the vast majority of visitors only saw a large synagogue on Dohany Street. It followed a rapid development in perhaps the most attractive and picturesque part of the city. A number of small hotels and boarding houses and numerous hostels have grown. Visitors from all over the world are adapting to trendy locales, galleries, occasional markets, a better market, shops, etc. The cultural pulse and bohemian atmosphere is present at every step. In the evening, they are ready to go to the area with a diverse range of entertainment and cuisine.

I recommend a Saturday morning walk to all visitors at Kiraly Street, which begins at OTP Bank on the edge of Deak Ferenc Square. I recommend BB'z Bar & Grill with a very good and cheap culinary offer. Ambient modern, location and building is superb with a touch of the 19th century and friendly service. Indispensable wifi . On Saturday, the Kozos piac (market) is open in the passage to the right of the Burger Market and Pasta Bar with an interesting offer of hand products and food.

More enthusiastically passes passage to Gozsd (Gozsdu Courtyard - Gozsdu Udvar) linking Kiraly and Dob street. It was once the core of the Jewish work, but today it is popular among the local population and visitors to Jewish work. The entire passage is sown with shacks, restaurants and stalls, where street artists and local craftsmen sell products and antiques. If you need some rare vinyl or hand-made unique jewelry, this is the right place for you.

You can turn into a slightly more peaceful but picturesque street Kazincy, where you will excite picturesque wall paintings already at the intersection with Kiraly Street. In the middle of the street is a well-preserved synagogue. Every day except Saturday, it is open to the public and definitely worth a visit.

The Jewish Quarter of Budapest is worth a visit and visit. For culinary experiences, I suggest Saturday or Sunday afternoons, Friday and Saturday evenings for fun!

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