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September 26, 2011 at 2:09 pm
Hey, this Bratislava ... The place I'm in for this and other reasons for more than 15 years. A little over a decade ago we called her with a friend as partyslava and her name got in. Last Friday, I last visited her last year, when I was a little surprised at how many of the most visited outlets ever existed. I was really interested in what changed after this payment again in a year. Let's go fine in a row.

The evening began in the usual place, which became "never disappointing" part of the iron repertoire. 1 Slovenska pivnica (First Slovak Pub), the only survivor of the well-known brewery and former times, was full. The average age of Friday visitors is still around 21 years old ... Beer is still a bit over 1 euro ... I was surprised by the selection of music (80 'POP - Roxette, M.Jackson), and I experienced shock when Julie Danijela Popovich - everything. Okay, after a couple of pirs, it was necessary to make a move.

To the end of Obchodna Street and across the crossroads towards the old town. On the corner there was a new mainstream shop, there under Alize. I did not enter because the crowd, which was visible through the window, refused me. So I continued on to the usual city of Havana in front of the Michal Gate. Traditionally good, cuba libre normal 5 eur, latino music, lovely Bratislava, who are hunting dancing blacks and quite foreigners ...

Attention was also prompted by the shop opposite Pimkie or something like that - the former coctail bar of Medusa. Super atmosphere, just people, age around 30 years, nothing crowded for the bar and nefundamentalitic mix of all styles of electro scene with occasional hip-hop and rap hits ... Above all, there was a positive atmosphere.

I did not continue the research, but a taxi driver told me that Harley still works with his rock'n'roll scene and that, according to the number of flights, he is still in charge.

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