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South Bohemia (South Bohemia) is the southwestern part of the Czech Republic along the upper course of the Vltava River. In the last two decades the region has experienced a great tourist boom. The landscape itself is diverse and green. There are meadows, forests and huge lakes and ponds that give the landscape a special charm. The main trump of the landscape is beautifully preserved medieval towns and castles of once important and famous noble dynasties. A trip to South Bohemia is a good idea for families, seniors and young people. The following are the TOP 5 points that I personally find most appealing to me!


It is considered to be the most romantic castle in the Czech Republic. The last owners of the Schwarzenberg dynasty renovated it in a romantic tudor style that was typical for English countryside mansions. The interior is richly equipped, and the seal is mainly provided by equipment, perhaps the most important castle master Eleonora Lichtenstein, who was the wife of Jan Adolf II of Schwarzenberg. Visits are possible in different languages ​​and last for about 1 hour. The surroundings of the castle itself are beautifully decorated and the most beautiful in the spring. In the castle, a number of fairy-tale films from the Czechoslovak period were shot in the past.


If you are looking for a really charming little town with full charm, it's a trip to the South Bohemian, which includes Česky Krumlov's urgency. The town has grown on the slope of the Vltava River, which has already been built by famous Bedrich Smetan in its homeland of the monument. With a bridge and a lifting bridge, it was even on the island in history. Above the city rises the glittering mansion, which is the second largest manor in the Czech Republic for the Hradcany prayers. The castle is traditionally guarded by two bears. Renaissance architecture has been preserved in great detail. The city has a varied culinary offer. I recommend a visit to Krumlovsky mlyn restaurant on Široka ulica. Lovely ambiance, fireplace and warm atmosphere. I recommend trout or duck with cabbage. For a good goulash, however, you can stop at the Hospoda restaurant on the loo on Kajovsky street. The city is rich with galleries and museums. I recommend visiting the gallery of photographer Jan Saudek and the museum Marionet. Cesky Krumlov has a rich offer of accommodation for a wide variety of categories. Mostly they are boutique hotels, guesthouses and pensions.


The rich history of brewing and the current state of affairs is shown on the tour of one of the most famous breweries in Europe. In a one-hour tour, you will walk through all the vital parts of the production process. In the meantime, of course, try the unfiltered beer that is fed directly from the big tanks where the beer ripens. Visits are possible in different languages. There is also a factory store with various souvenirs connected with the Budvar brand.


In particular, the gentler gender in the region swears on a mixture of raspberry syrup and beer. This is a real POP drink, especially in a bit more hot and hot evenings. Given that beer in Czechs is cheaper in bars, it is definitely a local specialty that needs to be tried. I recommend drinking it in the Stare časy na nabijeh barrel.


In the capital of South Bohemia, the Czech Budejovice, I recommend that you visit Budvarka beer in the evening. It is one of the pubs, which has preserved the traditional beer atmosphere. We suggest you try their menu of Czech and other specialties. We tried the Czech dungeon on "dilaca" with horseradish, mustard and black bread. Dark Budvar is an indispensable companion to this specialty. The next day we were not impressed by the duck with cabbage and the real Czech noodles. Budvar beer, which is a trademark of the region, is always fresh and cold in this pub! On a healthy one!

The least you have to do is put your trip to South Bohemia. You can also visit the town of Trebon, the town of Rožmberk, Jindrihuv Hradec and other sights of the region, which is only 4-4.5 hours away from the Slovenian border.

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