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Benteke - "The City on the Water", which for centuries reigns in the Venetian Lagoon. The beginnings of the settlement themselves go back to the fifth century AD, when the inhabitants of Ogle escaped from the barbaric tribes to the swampy islands of the Venetian lagoon. Thus, the city began to grow slowly, the mighty Venetian Republic and today a world-renowned tourist destination.

In addition to all the wonders hiding the city, there are also islands and islets, and almost everyone has their own interesting story. The first place among them, of course, is occupied by the famous islands of Murano and Burana.

For centuries, the Murano Island is famous for its glass production: glass arts, skeleton workshops and glass masters. The concept of murano glass was and will be of global importance. We visit the island so much by visiting one of the glass workshops where the master Antonio shows us how to skillfully and quickly create a glass figurine. Of course, the master has many years of experience behind him, so speed is truly his virtue.

Once on the island, the main activity was fishing and salting, and in the 13th century, because of the fire safety of the main island of Venice, the whole glass factory was moved to a single island - the island of Murano. From then on, we can say that the era of Murano glass begins. Today there are many glass workshops on the island, which are also happy to open our doors to tourists throughout the year.

Then we take the boat to the island of Burano, a beautifully colored town in the middle of the Venetian lagoon. The island became important already in the 16th century, when the production of lace with needles developed on it, which has almost died to this day.

The main attraction of Buran is a small town, consisting of small houses with vibrant facades, interwoven with bridges and canals. So in the afternoon we end up in a quiet, pleasant atmosphere, enjoying the view of the blue sea and colorful houses. Take a walk to the confectionery where we offer excellent Burjan desserts. For the memorial, we take home a bag of typical Burana cookies, but in the meantime, we are also afforded excellent Turkish ice cream on the main street.

The day is already tilted into the evening, and for the beautiful conclusion of all the experiences, we can say: "The Beneteans are a miracle of miracles, in which we can always return with joy and return and remain ..."

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