About Us

About us


GoHolidays.si Travel Portal wants to become the most visited among travel enthusiasts across Europe. Our specialty is traveling to the most interesting and picturesque points of the countries of Hungary, Slovakia, the Czech Republic, Poland, Germany and Austria. With top trained tourist guides and other staff, we would like to discover some of the less known corners, unspoiled trails, local dishes and interesting locales on the Slovenian market, and to introduce you to a diverse cultural beat and local customs.


By 2017 we want to become the leading provider of tourist trips and excursions to Central European countries on the Slovenian market.


We want to develop a wide range of unique products in areas such as:

  •     Tickets in pre-Christmas and New Year's time,
  •     Spring and First Day Trips,
  •     Packages for organized groups,
  •     Team building,
  •     Sport tourism,
  •     Seminars, congresses and events,
  •     Wine tourism,
  •     Wellnes packages,
  •     Vacation packages.


We have set up high standards of business with clients:

  •     maximum 24 hours response time for orders and reservations,
  •     mandatory quality control during and after the service,
  •     strict choice of business partners and their control,
  •     individual treatment of each client's wishes,
  •     setting up a benefit system for customers who will use our services on a number of occasions.
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